Windows Live SkyDrive

At the risk of sounding like a propaganda machine for Windows Live, I have to say: Windows Live SkyDrive really is very useful!
I’ve used SkyDrive to send files to friends, store a few of my important files "in the cloud", and today to help a colleague upload some big files to me securely. And now that everyone with a Windows Live ID has 1GB of free storage there’s lots of space to play with.
Sure, there are lots of other neat file transfer tools and online backup services. Many of them are also free. But what I like about SkyDrive is its perfect integration with my Windows Live contacts, my Spaces blog, my Hotmail, my everything-Windows-Live. It’s sweet being able to just tick boxes instead of re-entering contact information. I can even subcribe to an RSS feed so I’m instantly notified when a new file lands in one of my SkyDrive folders.
Yes, SkyDrive is worth every penny of its free price tag, and more!