Who’s Watching Webinars These Days?

Webinar presenters will find a host of fascinating data points in BrightTALK’s DataLeaks 2013 presentation. Did you know for instance?:

  • On average, 90% of the audience has shown up 15% of the way into each webinar. So, if you’ve something interesting to say, best save it until you’re about 20% (one fifth) of the way into your webinar!

2013-07-11 22_55_18-DataLeaks 2013_ The Holy Trinity of Demand Creation _ BrightTALK

  • The average webinar duration on BrightTALK is 41.8 minutes, while videos run for just 20.7 minutes on average.
  • Webinars about human resources attract the largest audiences, financial services the smallest. Who knew?:

2013-07-11 23_03_07-DataLeaks 2013_ The Holy Trinity of Demand Creation _ BrightTALK

  • Webinar viewing is still predominantly a desktop or laptop-based experience. Less than 5% of viewings come from tablets or other mobile devices.
  • The average ‘no show’ rate—that’s the percentage of people who pre-register but then never show up to view the content either live or on-demand—is about 32%, up from just 15% in 2008
  • Around 40% of people watch a webinar or on-demand video from start to finish. The rest arrive late or leave early.

Great stats to bear in mind while planning your next webinar. See the full data presentation at