We’re all ‘To-Do’ list addicts!

It will come as no surprise to you, my long-suffering reader, that our hectic lives mean we are increasingly reliant on ‘to-do’ lists to stay on top of things.

So says a new survey (subtitled "Statement of the blindingly obvious") from Microsoft and Kelton Research.

Apparently, U.S. citizens have the highest dependency on to-do lists with more than three-quarters currently managing at least one list. Some claim to manage three or more lists concurrently; surely an exercise in self-delusional inefficiency itself. Here in the UK, a mere 69% of people have a to-do list, while only 54% of the ultra-productive Japanese keep a record of their workload.

It’s not just having a list of the things we should be doing that unites us; ignoring the list is also popular around the world. On average, the longest time an item remains on our to do lists is an impressive 26 days here in the UK. Italians only ignore tasks for 14 days, while Americans ponder for 22 days before crossing items off. I’m sure I have a long-ignored list somewhere that would make those stats look positively speedy.

Of course, Microsoft Outlook and a Windows Mobile device are my chosen weapons for procrastination productivity. You can find my tips for managing tasks in Outlook at my old blog here. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on the best ways to unite lists and eliminate inaction, do let me know.