Sync My Ride

The Microsoft Auto team have been busy building some neat new tools to help us live our digital lives more easily while travelling by car. New to the USA only (at this time) is a factory-built feature for new cars called Sync. This allows drivers and passengers to interact safely with communication and entertainment services while travelling by car. For now, this capability is being available exclusively in new Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars in North America but, if successful, it’s only a matter of time before the product will be extended to other countries and car makers.
So what is it? According to the web blurb, it’s a "fully integrated, voice activated in-car communication and entertainment system for your mobile phone and digital music player." Yes, you read that right: Sync actually lets you talk to your iPod so you can call up your favourite tunes as you drive. Nice! And, with a compatible Bluetooth enabled mobile phone you can make and receive hands-free calls. Sync will even synchronise your phonebook between your mobile phone and your car, play personalised ringtones, and has support for multiple phones if you’re in the habit of carrying more than one. Check out the site to learn more: