Search – the homeworking debate continues

I just discovered a new blog, I’m a big fan of ‘next generation working’. The flexibility to work from home makes me much more productive, not too mention cuts out a huge amount of commuting time with its high costs and environmental implications. But it’s not always easy to switch off, as Mrs Frost regularly reminds me. Take the last couple of weeks for example. I’ve been on holiday, many miles away from corporate life and business routine. But I still found myself checking my emails regularly so I guess I never really switched off. Is this a good or bad thing? I guess a bit of both. Had I ignored emails completely for a fortnight I may well have come back more blissfully refreshed from having had a complete break from the norm. But, having kept a watchful eye on my emails and already deleted all of the extraneous stuff, I have returned to an only-slightly-overloaded Inbox whose contents hold no surprises for me. I guess I’ve traded some of my holiday relaxation time for a bit of work relaxation time.
And that, for me, is the key principle behind flexible working. I get to choose when and where I work. Whether I do it from a sun lounger or from a grey desk under the supervision of my manager doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I get my work done. And being able to choose makes me far happier and productive. Now, if only I could convince Mrs Frost…
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