I’m a mobile power plant

More useful technology arrived at Useful Technology Towers today in the form of a Juice Bag, compliments of npower. It turns out I’m a winner in a competition that npower ran recently in Marketing Week magazine, and my prize is a solar powered bag. So now I can charge my mobile gadgets wherever I go, as long as there’s enough daylight hitting the solar panels. And it really works. Plugging my mobile phone car charger into the supplied Car Lighter Adapter (female) instantly puts the phone into charging mode. If the battery is flat I can even use my phone powered directly by the solar panels, as long as there’s a continuous stream of light. So now I just have to decide whether to charge my phone or Zune, or just recharge some AAA batteries for my camera or mouse.
And, as if my carbon footprint wasn’t already shrinking quickly enough, the fabric of the bag is also made from reclaimed soda bottles. I knew there was a reason for carting all those plastic bottles to the recycling bank.
The Juice Bag is a great idea, beautifully executed. If you carry electrogadgets around and have ever run short of power, get one!