Clean up your disks

I was reminded recently of the importance of maintaining a tidy hard disk. It’s time for a spring clean…

Windows Vista makes this pretty painless. Simply typing Clean in the start menu search box will reveal the Disk Cleanup tool. Run this and you’ll zap all the unwanted clutter on your disk, no rubber gloves required!

Top tip: if you never use the Hibernate feature in Windows Vista you can free up several gigabytes on your hard disk by removing the files associated with this feature*.

More information about Disk CleanUp can be found here.

Once you’ve tidied up your disk, it’s then a good idea to run the Disk Defragmenter to help speed up your machine even more. Just type defrag in the start menu search box. Learn more about defragging here.

* if you change your mind at a later date and wish to re-use the hibernate feature see this Knowledge Base article for the fix.