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What is tailor-made?

A custom-built training experience for your unique needs

Every organisation is different. And the people within it are more different still. That’s why we tailor-make the vast majority of our in-company training experiences to meet each client’s unique needs and culture. You’re not average, nor should your training be.

Experience tells us that generic, off-the-peg training workshops often produce generic, one-size-fits-all results. Our approach is different; we understand your needs first, then design the perfect learning experience for your unique situation.

The topics we cover in our tailor-made programmes are rich and diverse. From deep-dive training on how to excel when communicating through a specific social network to email marketing masterclasses built around your own emails and data. That’s why we call it tailor-made; the end result is as unique as you are.

We start by helping you define your training requirements. Through a series of simple questions, we’ll seek to understand where your organisation is at, and define a vision for where you’d like to get to. We’ll then design a capability-development programme to fit your needs and budget. The end result can be anything from a one-off training workshop to a series of blended learning experiences to help your team grow and excel.

  • I thought it was a great way to re-motivate the whole team whilst helping us refocus our media and content objectives.
    - Tailor-made 1 - Global Marketing Manager, Financial Services Sector
  • Brilliant! Really relevant to where we need to go as a company. The exercises made us think in a different way and really pushed us creatively.
    - Tailor-made 2 - APAC Marketing Executive
  • I often struggle to stay interested and engaged during training, but not in this course. Really enjoyed it, top marks!
    - Tailor-made 4 - Marketing Manager, Retail Sector
  • Very insightful and relevant for the team. Informative and useful to our challenges at the moment.
    - Tailor-made 3 - EMEA Marketing Manager

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