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In a marketing career spanning three decades, Allister has served as Microsoft’s Head of Digital Marketing Strategy and managed well-loved brands including Kleenex, Huggies and Andrex at Kimberly-Clark. He is a double winner of the Lester Wunderman Award for Outstanding Creative Work and was awarded a Cannes Direct Lion for direct marketing campaigns at Microsoft.

  • What’s so inspiring about Allister is that he recognizes that the arrival of social media is a unique moment in the history of humanity. Instead of saying “OK we’ve got some new tools, let’s embed them,” he says “Whoa! These tools destroy the previous paradigm and create a new one."
    - Jeremy Epstein - VP Marketing, Sprinklr
  • We appointed Allister to provide an external perspective on current consumer/technology trends for our senior management offsite. He did an excellent job - got the balance right between detail and pace, demonstrated credibility, and was entertaining and thought- provoking. The acid test of his success was the number of senior executives taking notes and developing subsequent action plans.
    - Roger Siddle - CEO Findel Plc
  • Your session was quite an eye opener for me and started making me rethink how I should grow our business through digital marketing. This will be my number one focus in the coming months. I hope to see you on stage again next year at OTx.
    - Omar Madkour - Business Development Manager, Kemet Corporation
  • Allister has attended and spoken at many AITO conferences and meetings in recent years, sharing his vast amount of knowledge and expertise on marketing and communications in our online world. He is highly professional in his approach but also very open, friendly and just plain down to earth.
    - Kate Kenward - Executive Director, AITO
  • I hired Allister as the headline speaker at our Conference dedicated to Digital Marketing. I must admit he was great! His keynote made the audience impressed and curious and open to interesting discussion. From the feedback we got after the Conference, Allister's keynotes were the best. Moreover, we shared his presentation with our clients, including those who were not able to participate but have heard a lot about Allister. Definitely, I would recommend Allister Frost as a brilliant speaker for top-level events for CEOs, CMOs.
    - Oksana Knyazeva - Business School Director, Belarus
  • Thank-you for all of your contributions to the success of our event. You did a fabulous job with both your presentation materials and your ability to truly hold the attention of our attendees. I’ve heard rave reviews from our partner guests and co-workers alike. I’m thrilled with the job you did for us in presenting and in responding to so many questions, including ones that came during our “Meet the Experts” time.  It was a pleasure to have you there!
    - Tracy Sheridan - Event Manager, Global IT Company
  • Inspiring session with Allister Frost – we’re getting into Neuromarketing now. Tapping into survival instincts!
    - Richard Nicholson - Enterprise Marketing Manager, Dell
  • I just loved your presentation and what the future holds for us with these dynamic technologies.
    - Anthony Modena - CEO, Modena
  • Thank you!  I have only heard positive feedback so you really hit the right note.  The day was extremely successful; well worth the effort.
    - Jo Monk - Corporate Marketing-Sales & Business Service Operations Lead
  • Allister was a thoroughly professional speaker at an event we ran for the heads of some of the UK's leading learning services providers. He delivered an eye-opening talk about the impact of our changing digital world that stimulated informed conversation and discussion both during his talk and afterwards. Exactly what we wanted. I have no hesitation in recommending him.
    - Don Taylor - Chairman, LPI


award winning

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